Wednesday, September 19, 2007

2.Glenn McGrath: Australian Fast(!) Bowler
Do you remember a man exchanging a few(!) words with Sachin Tendulkar in every match when they face each other on ground?
He is Glenn McGrath,a true Australian player.
He will be involved in the sledging in almost every match he plays. He tries to keep a batsman under pressure (although he does'nt need it).
The pitch map of McGrath will show you the quality of his bowling.He bowls consistently with same line,changing the pace and lengh of ball.Only patience of batsman can send McGrath wicketless (which never happens).
This cricketer always brings a freshness in game with his smiling face.
Unfortunately,we will not be able to see the contest between batsmen and McGrath,because the later has retired from ODIs and is thinking of retiring from Test cricket too.

Hats off to this great cricketer!

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